Our Challenge

Urbana came to Friday and asked us to help in repositioning them as part of their brand refresh.

In a highly competitive sector, Urbana is the foremost provider and highest rated hair removal clinic in Ireland. Our challenge was simple: to strengthen and grow this position by introducing the new brand and using a smart content strategy and digital platform to drive their growth.

Critical to our strategy was to utilise both paid and organic search to dominate the space while using the new website to increase conversion and reducing costs.

Check out our work below.

The Solution

Friday work closely with Urbana in many ways.

We helped to ‘evolve’ their brand by way of a full refresh of their overall digital strategy including the application of their new brand on their website, and with new photography, messaging and video.

We analysed the entire funnel of those searching for hair removal solutions and began to aggressively target those queries most likely to convert – while also maintaining our presence on some top of the funnel queries that were shown to contribute to enquiries.

We removed Google Display Network advertising due to high cost and very low conversion, saving hugely on investment. For SEO, we were required to un-do previous negative SEO work, including spammy link building, in order to help increase rankings. We also applied all on and off-site SEO best practices.

A new content calendar and suite of brand creative and messaging has helped to drive greater awareness and conversion.

The Results


#1 on Google.ie for core keyword “laser hair removal”, increased from #5.

Unique Users

+26% YoY increase in overall Unique Users.

New Users

New Users YoY from Google organic traffic increased +51%.

Organic Conversions

Google organic conversions increased by +13% YoY.

Paid Conversions

Conversions from paid search increased by +184% YoY, and at -52% less cost.

"The Friday team are an essential part of our business, since our new online platform has been introduced booking rates have increased significantly..."

Paul McIntyre, Owner, Urbana.

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