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Karen O'Sullivan17th July 2024Karen O'Sullivan

The Upsides of Negative User Feedback

Negative feedback often gets a bad rap, but in the world of user experience (UX) […]

Gavin Duff3rd July 2024Gavin Duff

Most Content is Ignored

Most content is not good. Most content is not read by anybody. Most of your […]

Richard Lawton11th June 2024Richard Lawton

What to expect from TikTok Shop when it arrives in Ireland

When will TikTok Shop arrive to Ireland? Smart Irish ecommerce businesses need understand it’s potential & be ready to take advantage.

Gavin Duff14th May 2024Gavin Duff

No, SEO is Still Not Dead.

If I read one more article proclaiming that AI will kill SEO, I’m going to […]

Dave Jackson1st May 2024Dave Jackson

AI Chatbots: Seizing the Opportunity to Overcome Stigmas

Dave examines the evolution of AI chatbots’, why we have a bad attitude towards them and what can be done to change things.

Graham Carroll16th April 2024Graham Carroll

Digital Marketing Specialist role at Friday Agency

We’re looking for another experienced Digital Marketer to join our agency team. Someone who loves digital marketing and is bursting with potential…