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When user experience and marketing are integrated, amazing things happen.

Friday's simple goal is to create experiences that work for your audience and your business.

Digital Marketing

We use data and research to inform your Digital Marketing activity across revenue-driven PPC, SEO and social media advertising.

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User Experience

We use research and User Experience design for better user journeys and improved conversion rates.

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What is a User Experience Audit and how is it Useful? featured image
2nd Aug 2021 -

What is a User Experience Audit and how is it Useful?

There’s no such thing as a perfect user experience, there’s always room for improvement and discovering where the improvements can be made is where a UX audit can be invaluable.

In Google You Trust featured image
28th Jul 2021 -

In Google You Trust

People can be fairly quick to criticise Google. It usually comes down to concerns about privacy, company culture, or monopolisation… but they continue to use the search engine – almost every day. Not just that, but people trust the results. It’s not only that it provides you with the most relevant results. People value the […]