Creating a positive user experience creates a more valuable customer relationship.

This is the reason that Friday exists – UX is the backbone of everything we do.

To create a great user experience we must have empathy with the end user, understand how they behave – their goals, motivations and frustrations. We don’t do this by assumption, or using second hand information. We are research based, we talk directly to the user to validate our direction.

This allows us to create the best possible user experience, making it as targeted and frictionless as possible.

When we talk about User Experience in the digital world we mean the interactions, reactions, and perceptions your audiences have wherever they engage in your brand. It could be when they use your website or app, but also when they search for your services or engage with you on social channels.

It’s emotional, it’s a feeling – it’s what it feels like to use a product or service.

Our Process

It’s essential to get User Experience right. It has a critical impact on the interaction and opinion a user (or customer) has with your product and, importantly, the brand behind it.

We describe a negative user experience as the friction that an informed UX design can alleviate.

When we understand the people we are building the experience for, we can use design to remove friction, eliminate frustration and promote positive feelings about your brand.

We can see your audience’s experience and needs through user testing, user research, and by collecting and reviewing analytics. This information can then be used to validate the project and to inform and align objectives, content, design, and functionality.

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Research (focus groups, surveys, data)
  • User journey mapping
  • Analytics review
  • Project Specification
  • Design Brief
  • User Empathy
  • Site Map & Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototypes for Usability Testing & Dev Team
  • Design assets ready for build

“Friday really delivered. They met and exceeded our requirements in each and every area, on budget and on time."

Gavan Woods, Cathedral Administrator

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