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Our Client

DublinTown represents a vibrant community of 2,500 businesses nestled in the heart of the city centre.

Their mission is clear: to elevate the city centre’s allure as a hub for shopping, leisure, and business growth. Achieving this involves boosting foot traffic and enhancing overall trading performance.

At the epicentre of this mission stands the DublinTown website, a cornerstone in keeping residents and visitors informed about the latest happenings in the city centre.

We’ve been privileged to collaborate with DublinTown since our inception, fostering a strong and collaborative partnership with Clyde and his dedicated team.

The Challenge

While the original website we crafted for DublinTown had gracefully weathered the years, the time for change had arrived.

Our objective was clear: infuse new technology and UX best practice to construct a website that revolved around the core needs of its audience. This entailed housing content that would spotlight the vibrant events and businesses that define the city centre.

The brief we received was concise: prioritise simplicity, discovery, and speed.

The Solution

Our journey commenced with thorough research and discovery, plunging deep into the current website’s analytics to unearth essential content metrics and user flows. Qualitative and quantitative user research proved invaluable, aligning closely with the given directive.

As we meticulously worked through wireframes and UI design, our guiding principle remained the same: to streamline the interface, allowing the content to shine.

The website took shape as a headless WordPress creation, an architecture where the backend and front end operate independently. The advantages are multifaceted, including scalability and notably enhanced performance, all of which elevate the overall user experience.

"Once again, our expectations were exceeded. DublinTown's collaboration with the Friday team is a real partnership and a delight. Their professionalism, communication, and dedication to delivering a top-notch results is outstanding."

Clyde Carroll, Director of Marketing & Communications | DublinTown

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