Delivering a complex topic in layman’s terms

Our Challenge

When the GDPR was coming into play, the conversation around our personal data was gaining pace.

  • How do we educate individuals on their rights with regard to electronic direct marketing?
  • How do we remind data controllers of their responsibilities? (and compel them to take it seriously).
  • And tell people clearly what they can do to take back control of their data (and lighten their inboxes)?

Our Solution

For most people this topic is dry – Gobi desert dry – but we’re also driven to distraction by spammy emails and unwanted texts. So we made it simple, told a story of easy actions and multiple benefits, with a bit of humour.

Friday created a 60-second animated video piece that captured attention, engaged and informed our audience, then gave them a link where they could get detailed, targeted information pieces. The messages were aimed at consumers but any business watching would be in no doubt about their responsibilities. And the types of penalties that they may be subject to.

The video was crafted, from messaging to structure, style and tone to optimise the impact and budget. We promoted it online with multiple tactics and platforms, ultimately delivering outstanding results.

View the video below and judge for yourself.

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Total Views


View to Impression ratio

24% (This is the % of users who watch the video for longer than 5 seconds)

View time

49 second Average View time (of 55 second video running length). Far above average.


Award winner for Best use of Video at the IIA Net Visionary Awards.

"We are simply delighted with the campaign. The work is some of the best creative content we have seen across data protection worldwide, and the results have far exceeded expectations"

MB Donnelly, Head of GDPR, Data Protection Commissioner

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