Introducing a Trusted Partner by a New Name

Our Client

IQ-EQ is a leading international provider of trust, fund, and real estate services for private clients and corporates.

Formerly, First Names Group, Friday have worked closely with the firm since 2016 through brand, creative content and digital marketing services.

Following a large merger and rebrand in 2019, the group needed to establish their new name and promise to both existing and new customers.

We have since worked closely with IQ-EQ to grow and support awareness across their key jurisdictions as well as help to plan and execute tactical international campaigns to generate new business.

The Challenge

With their new name and promise announced, IQ-EQ needed to generate awareness of this new change in name and offering to its clients and partners and drive new business.

And with face-to-face meetings becoming impossible during much of the pandemic, digital channels became vital to sustaining growth.

Our Objectives included:

  • Increase awareness of IQ-EQ internationally, across key European and Asian markets and in particular North America.
  • A new digital strategy and related campaign activity to promote core services, as well as tactical initiatives to support new service offerings and growth in new markets.
  • Grow the firms’ visibility in key markets and emerging markets.
  • Help to refine and apply the firms’ message through content including copy messaging, creative design and imagery.
  • Generate awareness around significant acquisitions to existing clients and advertise the new capabilities these acquisitions offered the firm’s clients.
  • Support the international marketing team with ongoing creative content needs.

The Solution

By working closely with the IQ-EQ marketing and executive teams, and our deep understanding of the firms’ service offering through our work with First Names Group, we helped to redefine a clear digital strategy, proposition and channel activity.

Our creative team helped to develop new key messaging and an engaging suite of brand and communications collateral to support the activity.

We selected core channels including LinkedIn and Google to target services, insights and events to core audiences in target regions. Content formats were designed including tailored creative, specifically targeted at the range of audience profiles, across these channels.

On-going optimisation.

We provide ongoing analysis on campaign metrics, recommendations for optimisation and learnings that improve the effectiveness of existing and future activity.


The impact of our work has been hugely successful.

In 24 months we have increased search visibility of the firm’s services by 245% and increased leads by just over 150%.

Other results include:

  • Overall Users increased by +37% globally
  • Leads increased by +150%
  • Conversion rates increased by +112%
  • Organic visibility increased by +245%
  • Organic users increased by +25% globally

IQ-EQ is one of Friday’s strongest partnerships in terms of delivering real growth and we continue to work with their teams to improve.

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