Steering growth for Ireland’s leading marine retailer

About Viking Marine

Established in 1987, Viking Marine is Ireland’s premier Marine Leisure retailer.

They pride themselves on being the go-to destination for the best marine leisure products and brands.

Their experienced team offers personalised service and a commitment to keeping people safe on the water while fostering a sense of camaraderie among customers and staff.

How could Friday help?

Despite being well-known in its niche market, Viking Marine faced challenges in organic visibility and revenue generation compared to some competitors.

The launch of a new website without proper SEO considerations further compounded the issue.

The primary objective was to enhance their organic search rankings, increase overall visibility, and drive revenue through effective SEO strategies for their Shopify e-commerce store.

Our Solution

To address Viking Marine’s SEO challenges and drive revenue growth, we implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to their online store.

And here are the steps we took.

Comprehensive SEO Audit

  • Conducted an in-depth audit of the website to identify SEO gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Evaluated site architecture, on-page elements, metadata, and URL structure for optimisation potential.
  • Performed keyword research to identify relevant, high-impact keywords for marine leisure products.
  • Analysed competitor strategies to identify opportunities and develop a competitive advantage.

On-Page Optimisation

  • Implemented optimised title tags, meta descriptions, and headers across product pages and categories.
  • Conducted keyword optimisation by incorporating targeted topics into product descriptions and content.
  • Analysed site load speed to enhance user experience.
  • Enhanced internal linking structure to improve crawlability and navigation.

Technical SEO Enhancements

  • Implemented XML sitemaps and optimised robots.txt files for effective crawling and indexing.
  • Optimised URL structure and implemented canonical tags to prevent duplicate content issues.
  • Fixed broken links and resolved 404 error pages to improve user experience and search engine crawlability.

Content Strategy

We worked with the Viking team to develop a content strategy to create informative and engaging blog posts related to marine leisure.
Published regular, high-quality content to establish Viking Marine as an authoritative source in the industry.
Leveraged content marketing and outreach strategies to build backlinks and increase domain authority.

The Results

By implementing a tailored SEO solution, Viking Marine achieved some impressive results.

They experienced a remarkable +65% increase in SEO visibility, surpassing all of their competitors. This enhanced visibility allowed them to capture a larger share of organic search traffic.

Revenue from organic search increased by an impressive +291%, aligning with the proactive efforts of the engaged team. This growth demonstrated the effectiveness of SEO strategies in driving tangible business results.

Viking Marine’s increased visibility and enhanced rankings reflected their position as leaders in their niche market, surpassing their competitors in terms of an online presence.

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