Toddlebox Campaign: A Parent’s Guide to Toddlerhood‎

Our Challenge

  • Establish ‘Toddlerhood’ as a unique life stage with extra-ordinary needs while establishing the phrase ‘toddlerhood’ as the prevalent term for this life stage.
  • Create and build a new website as the go-to source of useful information on this topic.
  • Promote the benefits of our product category without referencing any brands. The primary audience’s are parents of toddlers and Health Care Professionals.

Key Considerations:

  • Parents are usually busy, and stressed, when searching.
  • The website needs to be easy to access on any device (simple UX – frictionless experience) I need to find exactly the answer I’m looking for (solid search and optimisation)
  • Content needs to be written and illustrated in a friendly but plain english tone.

The Solution

There’s a lot of information out there, who can a parent trust? Apart from our own parents and peers, it’s experts that we trust most.

So we established a panel of experts (many also parents) to write on relevant topics from sleep advice to nutritional recipes. Then we copy-edited these topics for brevity, usability and consistency of tone.

Following a detailed research phase, we planned and designed a fully responsive website with a simple user experience on any device. We crafted an initial content suite of 20+ articles with lists, top tips, recipes and infographics.

We planned and produced a series of video interviews of our experts for web and social. All content was optimised for social posting sharing, mainly through Facebook.

We learned that healthcare professionals (HCPs) would only share the most useful, brand neutral content. In response to this, we created a bespoke microsite and content strategy especially for HCPs. As part of the content strategy we consulted with a selection of HCPs and other experts to steer content and to sense check the book. Factsheets and information could be printed off to hand out to parents.

A 40” animation for use online and for in-store POS was created.

And finally we planned and produced a beautiful 140 page hand-book and accompanying fact sheets which are distributed by HCPs.

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