Our Client

RKD is one of Ireland’s largest and leading architectural firms, they employ design as a strategic tool, creating impeccably versatile spaces that work hard to meet the needs of the people who use them.

When we started working with RKD they had just undergone a brand refresh across all their communication platforms which was built around placing design thinking at the core of everything they do.

The Challenge

Our brief was to represent the new RKD brand online by bringing the user into a new experience of simplicity through visual communication. The story was to be told by showing the work that RKD do and the people who do it.

The Solution

There is no need to choose between creating an informative and aesthetically pleasing design—both can be achieved simultaneously. Key to this is keeping the content concise as well as visual. 

We wiped the slate clean by moving away from mission statements, detailed case studies and long meandering narrative to focus on the core of RKD – the people and the work they produce. Concise content, video and stunning photography were complimented by the minimal UI we created.

"Friday’s research-driven approach and their ability to creatively and constructively challenge helped us to identify assumptions early on and to maintain our focus on the user experience."

Barra Heavey, RKD Architects.

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