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First Names Group is a leading independent provider of trust, fund, corporate and real estate services. The group first approached Friday to find new ways of driving recruitment digitally. Competition for talent in their markets is intense and there are more roles than candidates. 

The campaign objective was to drive appropriate candidates to the First Names Group website and into their HR recruitment funnel. Social channels and content should reflect First Name Group’s distinct brand and complement their existing recruitment activity. Facebook and other supporting social media platforms were run for an initial 6 month campaign period.

Further to this campaign, Friday Agency has worked closely with the Group marketing team to execute a brand refresh with a new brand toolkit and full suite of marketing assets and advertising.

Expertise Applied

  • Increase awareness of First Names Group and its benefits as a potential employer.
  • Focus on the key locations of Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Dublin.
  • Integrate all online activity (e.g: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) with owned media (e.g: website, YouTube). 
  • Establish team roles for social management (managed within First Names Group with support from Friday).
  • Develop stream of potential key staff to promote via valuable content in the short, medium & long term.

The Approach

The initial campaign ran for 6 months from research to content production, management and ongoing optimisation and reporting.

Friday first undertook a Review & Research phase. We looked at:

  • all existing recruitment activities (across all platforms).
  • traffic to Careers areas of the website (for retargeting).
  • all existing online strategy, profiles, traffic & conversions. 
  • competitor activity both on and offline.

We then drafted a Communications Brief which:

  • established audience personas (motivation, location, media usage, interests).
  • identified primary channels, content types, origins and production methods.
  • directed the creative, production and implementation of relevant social platforms and key content. 
  • allowed for and promoted an iterative process of reporting, learning and optimising. 
  • enabled resource efficiency, ease of planning and measurement.

The Solution

We set up a branded Facebook presence and re-branded existing social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

We then developed creative content options in response to the brief.

This included tailored creative, targeted at the different audience profiles, across multiple touch points.

Examples were:

  • content developed by First Names own staff teams, sporting or other activities.
  • content which answered pertinent sectoral questions being asked by their audiences.
  • a stream of sectoral thought-leader content (infographics, interviews, sectoral reports, and video). 
  • fun stunts and activities which targeted the employees of target organisations.
  • strategic retargeting of users who have interacted in specific ways on social channels or the website.

We established a social posting schedule and agreed formats, tone and sourcing responsibilities.

On-going review and optimisation.

We provided analytics on campaign metrics, recommendations for optimisation and learnings that improved the effectiveness of existing and future content.

Impact on Website

Social Traffic

Organic social media traffic is up 176.11%, achieving 4,716 sessions since the campaign began.

Targeted campaign traffic achieved 28,397 sessions (38.3% of total site traffic) vs 82 sessions the previous period.

Overall Traffic

Overall site traffic is up also, with significant increases in sessions, users and page views.

Site Content

‘Vacancies’ has now become the most popular webpage.

Key Driver

Facebook has achieved 76.6% of Vacancies page traffic.

Impact on Recruitment


Notable increase in LinkedIn applicants, making it no.1 application source in 2016.

Social Driver

36 candidates citing Facebook in their Cascade (recruitment software) application.

Success Metric

4 candidates citing Facebook and making it to interview (11.1%, over a 3 month poll).

Example hire:

Successful placement of Facebook applicant into FNTC Software Developer IOM role (saving the business significant costs)

Brand Awareness

Significant increase of brand profile and engagement.

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