Information Architecture

IA helps to put structure on content and functionality to improve its usability and findability.

Information Architecture (IA) is the design and organisation of content, pages and data into a structure that aids users understanding of a product, service or system. This organised system brings clarity to the process of building a project, but more importantly, it helps users find the information they need and complete tasks easier.

To create an effective information architecture you need to understand the relationship between the content and what we are designing.

We consider everything: from content, functionality, SEO, convention, and end-user research and insights. Once we have agreed on a Sitemap and a clear navigation system we will then define the best groupings, labelling, and user flow through each section while engaging in card sorting and tree testing with users.

The IA output is often in written documents with user flows but can also be expressed visually through: sitemaps, wireframes, navigation, and design.

"We engaged Friday for support and guidance on our User Interface design and website infrastructure and user flows. Professional, experienced and expert at all times. Our project was a huge success both internally and externally and I thank the team at Friday for that."

Adam McCune, Director of Communications & IT, Institute of Public Health

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