Usability Testing

Guess what? Nobody cares what you think.

Too often, organisations project their message and make assumptions about their audiences’ needs. But your customers largely don’t care what you think, so you need to ‘get out of the building’ and ask them.

Observing your customers interacting with your product or service at all stages of the project lifecycle from early development to release can have huge benefits. From early identification of issues, reduced development iterations to avoiding costly redesigns. Not to mention insights that lead to increased user satisfaction.

You can learn so much about user habits, expectations, and needs, user testing is an essential component of any successful project.

Cost effective, no lab conditions or men in white coats – usability testing helps to validate the work reducing risk, saving money and ultimately helping give better outcomes and more value to our clients.

"Wow, the video you shared of the usability testing sessions is really a great way to present the information...very powerful and you can't argue with it!"

Sarah Flaherty, IT Tralee

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