Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Social Media is often seen as purely an awareness channel. It's not. And we're the proof.

We’ve run many paid social media campaigns for clients across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, and we’ve seen very strong results. A conversation that usually starts with “We’ve tried Facebook ads and they don’t really work”, will ultimately become very different when they’ve seen our results.

Yes, social media advertising is great for brand awareness. You can get a lot of eyeballs for a reasonable budget. But it’s also a great direct response channel because their audience targeting is unparalleled.

Our Process

For maximum effectiveness. we’ll want to know everything about your customers. Everything. What they’re interested in, where they are, what stage of their life they’re at. And we don’t just use basic personas, we create hundreds of audience definitions.

Our approach doesn’t stop there. Once you’re in campaign, we’ll be monitoring and optimising every day. We’ll refine every bit of spending based on what audiences engage the best and convert the most.

Of course, if you have engaged with us on some Research and Usability Testing first then we’ll have a more in-depth understanding of your audiences to play with. And from there, the real magic starts to happen.