Google Ads & PPC

PPC is so much more than just choosing keywords and bidding on them. It's audiences, retargeting, display advertising... and it should be very effective.

Paid search is suited to all sectors. There’s no escaping it. No matter what you do, someone is searching online for it and you can pay to be there when they do.

Friday are a certified Google Partner, which means that we’ve breezed through all of the Google exams and are fully qualified to be your trusted experts.

Google Ads (or AdWords, as it was once known) can get you visibility when you don’t rank organically for something, or if you’re in campaign. But the Google Ads platform is so much more than that…

There’s keyword placement, YouTube advertising, Gmail list targeting, standard display advertising and of course retargeting. And we can do ’em all.

"The team at the Friday are extremely helpful and always on hand to give advice. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and client engagement is excellent."

James Flynn, CEO, Trident Holiday Homes

Our Process

Before we begin, we’ll want to know your audiences. As with any channel, this is core. This will already be well informed by our research and digital strategy.

At Friday, we don’t believe in throwing the proverbial sh*t at the wall.. so, spending a tonne of money. We will devise the paid search strategy that is most likely to drive revenue at a level of investment that suits you and will get you cut-through vs. your competitors.

If you have strong video content, then YouTube will also be the place for you. And Retargeting is a given… if someone has been to your website and did not engage then use this to talk to them again. It’s very effective.

A lot of people can ‘do’ PPC. But they can’t do it the way we do.

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