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Friday is a different kind of digital agency. What drives us is a real passion for the convergence of art, technology and user experience. We want to work with people who share this passion.

Clichéd perhaps, but we're different because we mean it and we can stand behind it. With over 70 years combined experience in digital marketing we've produced innovative, award winning projects and campaigns through focus on collaboration and consumer behaviour.

More than this, we form close partnerships with clients to immerse ourselves in their business goals so we can use our skills and experience to deliver results. We're a close knit, flexible team where everyone has a voice to share their knowledge and ideas.


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Proud of our people

They are people with passion. People that make you think. People who get excited. People who find a better way. People with fearless imagination. People with fire in their souls.

Curious people. Bold people. Friday people.


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Character & Values

Build honest relationships

We're not into one-night stands; we aim for long-term relationships with our clients and partners, based on honesty, loyalty and respect.

Share your knowledge

In an industry filled with jargon, we have real knowledge, and we share this with each other and our clients so we can grow together.

Strive for simplicity

Simplicity is key in our work and communications. As technology grows in complexity, a strategy of simplicity sets our work apart.

Craft to excellence

Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. From true craft comes work that rises above the noise.

Stay passionate & curious

Without passion you can’t adapt, if you don’t adapt you won’t survive. Change is good - we will never know it all but we're always learning!

Creative at the core

We are wired for creativity. We're thinkers, doers and makers, harvesting new ideas that work. We make these ideas real for our customers.