Help us to spread the Goodwill

Gavin Duff23rd April 2020 - Gavin Duff

Help us to spread the Goodwill

Help us to connect the Goodwill of the people of Ireland with those who need help and support!

We need your help to spread the word about a website that we’ve built to aid the COVID-19 response. is a website where people and businesses can list their offers of help for emergency workers, the elderly or vulnerable.

Lend a helping hand

Whether you’re someone willing to help a neighbour with their shopping, or a business looking to lend a helping hand to your community or front line workers – there’s a place for you here!

Now is your chance to help those in need or find someone to help you!

We’ve had quite a response from those who have become aware of the initiative and the site has gained a substantial number of offers of help – but we need more!

Promote or share

We’d appreciate if you could promote or share this so that you too could help get the aid to those that need it. Every little helps in these times.

We’re also looking for any media outlets who would be willing to give some free advertising space or sponsorship for this initiative – we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a good one!

Visit Get help or give help today.

Gavin Duff
Gavin Duff

For two decades, Gavin has defined effective digital marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, display, content, e-commerce, data analytics, conversion rate optimisation, and social media direction for businesses multinationally and across all sectors. He is also a known conference speaker, lecturer for Trinity College Dublin, podcast guest, media source, guest blogger and many other things in the area of digital marketing. He also holds a Dip. in Cyberpsychology, as well as AI and Machine Learning, and is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

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