Author: Gavin Duff

Gavin Duff22nd March 2022Gavin Duff

Advertising, Privacy and Everyday Life in the Metaverse

When it comes to the metaverse there is a lot to unpack, so bear with me here… Yes the metaverse is intriguing, but it’s not a new concept.

Gavin Duff20th December 2021Gavin Duff

Neuromarketing: The Emotions Behind The Data

Neuromarketing will become more accessible in time as datasets from earlier studies are utilised to develop tools that do not require the use of a lab or fMRI methodology.

Gavin Duff15th October 2021Gavin Duff

It’s Time to Get Personal

It’s obvious that consumers are now concerned about data privacy. They are more aware of […]

Gavin Duff28th July 2021Gavin Duff

In Google You Trust

People can be fairly quick to criticise Google. It usually comes down to concerns about […]

Gavin Duff7th July 2021Gavin Duff

Artificial Intelligence: Changing digital marketing… and the world

There are many cities around the world offering smart city solutions. Did you know that […]

Gavin Duff9th February 2021Gavin Duff

Google’s Page Experience Update is Almost Here

You will know by now that your website needs to load fast. You just need […]