Dave Jackson29th January 2024Dave Jackson

Friday publishes the inaugural UX in Ireland research report

Friday Agency is excited to publish their inaugural UX in Ireland research report. Drawing insights from over 100 relevant business leaders and practitioners, the report highlights perspectives on the maturity of User Experience Design (UX) within various industries. 

Dave Jackson7th December 2023Dave Jackson

Government Announce a Roadmap for Embedding Design in the Public Service

The Irish Government have announced a progressive roadmap for embedding design in the public service over the next two years. And it looks like more than lip service…

Dave Jackson19th October 2022Dave Jackson

Friday shortlisted for Best Agency at the 2022 DMA Awards

Friday won the same award in 2020 so we are hoping to reclaim the crown for 2022.

Gavin Duff23rd April 2020Gavin Duff

Help us to spread the Goodwill

Help us to connect the Goodwill of the people of Ireland with those who need help and support!

Dave Jackson24th February 2020Dave Jackson

Friday wins Gold for Best Agency at the 2020 DMA Awards

We are delighted to announce that Friday has been awarded Best Small Agency (15 or fewer employees) at the 2020 DMA Awards in Dublin.

Graham Carroll7th February 2020Graham Carroll

Introducing TDer for #GE2020

Have you ever longed to share a romantic cocktail with Leo Varadkar or Mary Lou? Here’s your chance.