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Category: Social

21st Jan 2019 -

Laying The Foundations For A Successful Social Media Strategy

Thinking of developing a social strategy? This checklist will help get you started.

27th Feb 2017 -

Improving ROI with Facebook Lookalike Audiences

As marketers, we are all interested in reaching the right kind of people who are more likely to engage with our ads, and Facebook offers exactly that.

10th Oct 2016 -

Friday score hat-trick at the IIA Net Visionary Awards

We’re delighted to get recognition in 3 categories, especially against the calibre of nominees.” Dave Jackson, Director of User Experience.

19th Feb 2016 -

Introducing TDer

Ever longed to share a romantic cocktail with Enda Kenny? Here’s your chance.

18th Jul 2014 -

Social media: Big mouth strikes again

Online personalities on social media bug me…

16th Apr 2014 -

Facebook App know how

Like and Share to Enter! Or not…