Richard Lawton11th June 2024Richard Lawton

What to expect from TikTok Shop when it arrives in Ireland

When will TikTok Shop arrive to Ireland? Smart Irish ecommerce businesses need understand it’s potential & be ready to take advantage.

Graham Carroll16th April 2024Graham Carroll

Digital Marketing Specialist role at Friday Agency

We’re looking for another experienced Digital Marketer to join our agency team. Someone who loves digital marketing and is bursting with potential…

Graham Carroll2nd April 2024Graham Carroll

Unlocking the Benefits of a Digital Audit

The Digital Audit Benchmark Report is one of your most powerful digital tools. It can lift the lid on opportunities to attract more customers and overtake your competition.

Gavin Duff11th December 2023Gavin Duff

Echo Chambers: The Argument for Awareness Campaigns

Digital marketing often traps us within ‘echo chambers’, knowingly or not. ‘Echo chambers’ are spaces […]

Richard Lawton20th November 2023Richard Lawton

Apocalypse Cookie 2024: Survive & Thrive with ‘Cookieless’ Tracking Solutions

Conversion tracking is a total mess. 2024’s Cookie Apocalypse is a CTA for businesses to adopt privacy-embracing tracking technologies.

Graham Carroll18th October 2023Graham Carroll

Marketing Teams: In-House, Agency and the power of Hybrid

That choice. Hire a specialist marketing agency or build your in-house team? In this piece, I talk about the benefits of the two options and how you can have the best of both.