Author: Richard Lawton

Richard Lawton28th February 2023Richard Lawton

Your Brand Photo & Video Shoots need Social Media friendly results

The need to get Social Media friendly results from your brand shoot seems obvious but many brands fail to focus on this at the right time, which is before the shoot.

Richard Lawton18th July 2022Richard Lawton

TikTok’s demographics tell you why Irish businesses need to be on TikTok in 2022

TikTok is a powerful marketing channel yet so few Irish Businesses are on it. We look at Irish user demographics on TikTok & who can benefit!

Richard Lawton23rd March 2021Richard Lawton

Protecting Facebook Marketing Performance From a Cookie Free Future & Apple’s iOS14

Privacy is here to stay! Let’s talk about how businesses can embrace it while also protecting your Facebook marketing performance from a cookie free future & Apple’s iOS14 privacy updates.

Richard Lawton28th January 2021Richard Lawton

Google Analytics 4: Featuring Next-Gen Machine Learning & Privacy Controls

Google Analytics 4 harnesses the power of next gen machine learning to help your business. It’s Google’s brand-new analytics experience. We look at it’s current strengths & weaknesses.

Richard Lawton1st September 2020Richard Lawton

SEO: The Best Business Investment in a Recession & Beyond

No other strategy can deliver investment returns like a well-resourced, long term SEO campaign. We look at why it’s every business owner’s best option during a recession & for accelerating hard out of one.

Richard Lawton29th April 2020Richard Lawton

Adapting Your Business to a Pandemic

Many businesses have successfully adapted to the current pandemic health crisis. With some thought and the power of digital transformation, your business can too. We look at what’s working right now and what you can learn from it.