Brand Personality Online

Jamie Geoghegan18th January 2017 - Jamie Geoghegan

Brand Personality Online

Getting your organisation’s tone of voice and personality across online is vital to achieving that personal and friendly experience.

A customer’s first impression of a business most often comes through their website or social media channels.

Creating your organisation’s tone of voice starts with your target audiences. Once you understand your customer or market you will maximise your sales proposition.

Who are you selling to or trying to appeal to? Why should they come to you for your service or buy your product? What do you do better than the other guys, your competition?

I’ve taken a look at a selection of brands and businesses that have mastered their tone of voice online and connect with their audiences on a personal level and in a consistent way.


Ayr are a women’s fashion brand who have established a fun and conversational personality online with their cool, informal language.

Brand personality online

AYR’s cool, laid back tone of voice carries through onto their social media. They communicate with their followers using a casual writing style, which adds personality and value to what they’re selling.

Brand personality online


Dog Studio aren’t shy when it comes to conveying their mission statement and messages online! The Belgium based digital agency has adopted an off-the-cuff tone of voice that feels like you are talking to a friend. They don’t take themselves too seriously with the odd expletive thrown in for shock value.

Brand personality online

Their ‘ballsy’ lighthearted personality goes further in their ‘Join the team’ section where they communicate with the user in a very down to earth manner:

We already crave you crazy motherf*****…

Brand personality online

Their contact page features a series of ‘drop us a line’ messages that appear as if someone is typing them to you as you watch. Staying true to their personality they feature some hilarious and tongue in cheek lines.

Brand personality online

Interestingly, they don’t carry this tone of voice into their social media posts where they have the most interactions with followers.


Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker’s have set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd with their distinctly laddish, cheeky and witty personality and tone of voice. This success is down to the company knowing exactly who its target audience is, young men.

Brand personality online

They keep their punters entertained with topical, ballsy, and controversial content to keep them engaged and coming back for more. Paddy Power’s global marketing director, Christian Woolfenden was quoted saying

“…if we don’t get complaints we’re quite disappointed.”

Brand personality online

True to form, their social media is just as controversial and provoking. This tweet below in response to journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan.

Brand personality online

So, who are you?

Whatever type of brand or business you have, the important thing is that it has its own personality that is recognisable and memorable so that people respond to it. Once you’ve established your brand’s tone of voice, keep it consistent from your website through to your social media and even your emails, they should all follow the same tone.

Does your website need a makeover or an injection of brand personality? Give us a shout, we’d love to help.

Jamie Geoghegan
Jamie Geoghegan

Jamie Geoghegan is a UX and Digital Designer here at Friday. He's from London (so he's a bit of a geez'), and he still believe's football's comin' home.

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