Author: Jamie Geoghegan

Jamie Geoghegan1st May 2019Jamie Geoghegan

Prototyping Methods for a better User Experience

Let’s take a look at different prototyping methods, their benefits, and how they can really speed up the design process.

Jamie Geoghegan9th July 2018Jamie Geoghegan

Design Trends for Cookie Policy Notices

A website’s cookie notice is something that is often overlooked during the design process and […]

Jamie Geoghegan11th January 2018Jamie Geoghegan

Intelligent UX: Graceful Degradation vs Progressive Enhancement

In this ever-changing digital world, creating websites, apps and content with a slick user experience is a constant challenge…

Jamie Geoghegan28th June 2017Jamie Geoghegan

8 UX Design Improvements for the Kilkenny Shop

I recently discovered the Kilkenny Shop website and made a list of UX design improvements I think could help enhance it. Have a look…

Jamie Geoghegan18th January 2017Jamie Geoghegan

Brand Personality Online

Getting your organisation’s tone of voice across online is vital to achieving a personal and friendly experience.

Jamie Geoghegan19th September 2016Jamie Geoghegan

Design Trends & Usability: The Hamburger Menu On Desktop

Should you use a hamburger menu on desktop screens? Is it clean design or bad UX? Let’s find out.