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We’re Hiring: Senior Web Developer featured image
7th Sep 2020 -

We’re Hiring: Senior Web Developer

This is an opportunity for a talented developer to join a brilliant team and work with some diverse clients and projects…

Friday is looking for a talented Web Developer featured image
21st Aug 2020 -

Friday is looking for a talented Web Developer

We’re looking for a new web developer to join our growing team on exciting new projects. Work with us…

The state of AR on the Web in 2019 featured image
20th Nov 2019 -

The state of AR on the Web in 2019

In April this year Friday turned 5 and to celebrate, the whole team travelled out to Sandyford and had a blast shooting a couple of hundred zombies at Zero Latency. Now the reality is of course that we didn’t shoot anything, but it certainly felt like we did. In reality, we were all running around […]

Next-gen Images: Page Speed’s New Best Friend featured image
25th Sep 2019 -

Next-gen Images: Page Speed’s New Best Friend

If we can reduce the file size of images as much as we can without affecting their overall quality, it will greatly improve the user’s experience and page speed on your website. Converting your images to a next-gen image format, like WebP, is one of the best ways to achieve this.

WordPress: The Gutenberg Controversy featured image
8th Mar 2019 -

WordPress: The Gutenberg Controversy

Gutenberg aims to replace the old CMS text editor WordPress user’s have come to know and love with these new movable blocks. Unfortunately, it has been met with resistance and poor reviews from the get-go. Let’s take a look at what went wrong, if it deserves the hate it has been receiving, and if there’s any hope for Gutenberg’s future.

Understanding Google PageSpeed Insights featured image
21st Jun 2018 -

Understanding Google PageSpeed Insights

Fast cars, fast money, fast….websites? More and more users are browsing the web from their mobile devices rather than their desktops. Mobile users generally won’t have access to high-speed broadband when they’re on the move meaning it will be more difficult for them to load websites which have been poorly optimised for page speed, so […]