Gavin Duff14th May 2024Gavin Duff

No, SEO is Still Not Dead.

If I read one more article proclaiming that AI will kill SEO, I’m going to […]

Elton Tsang15th April 2024Elton Tsang

No Need to Panic: Understanding Google’s Algorithm Updates

If your strategy is already centred on quality content and genuine engagement, then Google’s tweaks are just minor bumps on the road to digital success…

Graham Carroll2nd April 2024Graham Carroll

Unlocking the Benefits of a Digital Audit

The Digital Audit Benchmark Report is one of your most powerful digital tools. It can lift the lid on opportunities to attract more customers and overtake your competition.

Gavin Duff12th July 2023Gavin Duff

The Crucial Role of UX in Digital Marketing

User Experience (UX) is a fundamental component of a successful digital marketing strategy. And rightly so.

Gavin Duff16th May 2023Gavin Duff

A New Way to Search: Google’s Generative AI

In the ever-evolving world of SEO, AI has already played a pivotal role in transforming various aspects of how we search. Google in particular have been at the forefront of utilising AI to enhance user experiences, improve search quality, and support the discovery of relevant information.

Gavin Duff25th April 2023Gavin Duff

Should you use ChatGPT to create your blog posts?

If you use ChatGPT to write your blog posts then you’re turning up to a gunfight with a knife. AI should not fuel your content strategy.