The Birth of Friday

Jamie Geoghegan10th September 2014 - Jamie Geoghegan

The Birth of Friday

Developing a brand identity for your own startup agency is and should be a considerable undertaking. From the outset, we made a conscious decision to use full team collaboration.

We formed a tight huddle, gathered our new family for a briefing and set to work.

Brainstorming is fun but can quickly become laborious. We came up with some wonderfully meaty concepts, but nothing we could all bite into. Voices were raised and opinions challenged (in hindsight bringing us closer together as a new group), but we shared a hunger to hit the streets with something original yet unconventional.

We wanted a buzz, we wanted to create a feeling so we altered our tack and approached the project from a fresh angle.

We wrote a new brief, examined our company values, had countless break-out sessions and narrowed it down to something we were all really excited about. In the end FRIDAY was born out of the lyrics to a song and was devoured by all.

But you know that elated feeling you get at the end of a busy week? We craved this energy every day! In essence, it encapsulated how we wanted to be viewed and understood.

So we ran a survey to gauge how the name FRIDAY might be received (a positive split of mostly yes’s, with some no’s & maybe’s from the industry & the public got us giddy) then shook hands and set off on the road to visualisation.

bp6Keeping the team together for this phase was essential and those without design skills did not shy away. We wanted a visual that was sure of itself, that exuded our energy & wide-eyed creativity and the great work we produce. But because of the strength of the word FRIDAY our mark should be simple.

Each contributor’s vision and every scribble and scrawl was considered. With a deadline jumping up and down and waving it’s arms, we quickly caught up and hit it. Our final mark was simple but had endless possibilities. It was bold but timeless. It made a brave statement. FRIDAY, we fell in love!This branding exercise netted us a great looking identity that is balanced and works very well within several different applications and across all types of media.

It has been just a few months since the launch of FRIDAY but we’re growing up and moving forward fast. Every day, we learn more about who we are and the value we give with the work we do.

If you have any thoughts on the FRIDAY brand, let us know below. But FRIDAY, we’re still in love.

Jamie Geoghegan
Jamie Geoghegan

Jamie Geoghegan is a UX and Digital Designer here at Friday. He's from London (so he's a bit of a geez'), and he still believe's football's comin' home.

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