Research helps us understand your audience needs in order to solve your marketing problems

We a range of research methods to gather all the information we can regarding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of your project.

Too often, organisations focus on commercial objectives, old data, competitors and what worked previously. They don’t fully understand their users and audiences. Smart research can give a full picture of the opportunity and be clear about who we’re designing for.

“Not having worked with this type of research before, we were very impressed with the way Friday guided us through the process. We will be putting the recommendations into practice right away."

Sarah Flaherty, Marketing & Enterprise Officer, IT Tralee.

Our Process

Stakeholder interviews

At the start of a project, we interview all your key stakeholders to discuss their role, responsibilities, and expectations of the project. The findings from these interviews are captured and shared with the project team.


We use workshops throughout the project, but particularly during the research phase. They are principally used to generate ideas, gather knowledge and prioritize requirements. These can be conducted with stakeholders and/or customers together.


Surveys are very useful for validating qualitative research and for gaining a better understanding of satisfaction levels with your offering. Typically we will send a set of questions to at least one of your customer audiences.

Focus groups

We use focus groups to uncover people’s thoughts and attitudes about a new concept or idea. Our hugely experienced facilitator can help to identify trends and opinions within your audiences.

An example of one focus group process we use is called ‘card sorting’, which is an exercise to explore how people structure information into categories and relate concepts to one another.

The conversations and debates between the group members also help with brainstorming new ideas.


A content inventory is a list of all the content on your site and will typically include a mix of text, images, video, and files. We can work with you to check if the content is still needed, appropriately located and is up-to-date. The audit will also help find opportunities to create new content that is necessary to meet your goals and objectives.

Analytics audit

We will review your analytics to find the actual behaviour of your site audiences. This helps inform other research activities, for example, it may draw attention to a conversion goal that is underperforming or a user journey that is hitting a wall.

Competitor benchmarking

We can conduct a thorough review of your competition and your broader marketplace to find trends, best practices, activity, and opportunities for you to differentiate your offering.

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