The fastest way to devalue a well crafted user experience is to fill it with poor visual content

Photography has a unique ability to inspire and engage your audience.

We humans are highly visual – we have the ability to process information almost instantly and a whopping 90% of everything sent to our brains is visual.

So visual content is a powerful way to get your audiences’ attention and stand out. The right image can say far more than a paragraph of text and has the ability to cross language barriers.

By investing time in creating photography that matches your organisations’ personality and connects with people, you will reinforce your user experience.

The best photography is linked to a story and works in different ways – it can be used in traditional print and on your website but can also spread on social platforms and marketing campaigns to build more awareness. And statistically, content with original visuals will drive greater engagement and conversion.

Usability testing has shown that people can be put off by photography that is irrelevant or used for purely decorative purposes.

“Humans are good at picking up emotional queues and transferring them onto unrelated products and services. However, we’re also good at spotting insincerity…”
– Andy Budd, interaction designer at Clearleft.

Our Photography Services

We can make your brand’s content and message come alive through photography by capturing your personality and connecting with people at an emotional level. Our team has vast experience in planning and delivering photoshoots from script to screen.

It starts with talking with you to understanding exactly what you want to achieve and how you want people to feel. We will often have access to research and data which gives us insights into your audiences and we use this information as part of creating a brief for the work.

From there, we create mood boards, storyboards and take the project from location shoot through to shot selection and final edit.

Our services and process include:

  • Brand photography
  • Creative direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Mood boards
  • Shoot location management
  • Search & selection
  • Photo retouching
  • Brand/User guidelines

“We are delighted with the final results. The work supports our recent rebrand and has helped in our repositioning online"

Paul McIntyre, Managing Director, Urbana.

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