We’re an agency that looks for opportunities where stories, communities, and systems come together.

We use a variety of methods, from simple sketching to high fidelity prototyping, to explore, communicate and test design options with both you and your end-users, and find the best solution.

Visual design is more than just polish; it’s a critical part of the experience and has a strong influence on how your site or service is perceived.

It’s at this point that we make decisions about the typography, information hierarchy, page proportions and balance and unity of the interface elements. This all ties in directly with any brand work that is being completed in conjunction.

Outputs include full campaign creative design, design comps, style sheets and full design system.

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"We are delighted with the results we have achieved through our frontend and branding redesign with Friday. They listened and understood our requirements; designed responsively while paying great attention to detail without compromising on functionality. Our customers have provided positive feedback and really enjoy using the new store."

Abbas Bari, Managing Director, iClothing.com

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We work hard to ensure every project we touch feels right, and delivers a positive user experience.

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