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Quality copy is another essential part of a positive user experience. Messaging and visuals should mutually support each in creating a balance of design and usability – but ultimately copy can be used to really connect with your users and delight them!

There are two distinct copy types and Friday can help you with both. A traditional copywriter will write copy that matches a personality and is written to attract new customers, whereas UX writers ensure that the experience with a product is a positive one.

We can work with or help to establish a tone of voice for your organisation. This tone of voice informs how everything from your headline key messaging to your website page copy should be written. Copywriting is in general attention-grabbing, sales focussed, witty and tells a story.

UX Copywriting
UX copywriting is the kind of copy that very specifically helps the user and by extension increases engagement & conversion. So when using an app or a website think of things like notifications, error messages, tooltips even product generated email messages – it’s important that these are clear and simple so that the user can complete their task easily.

Often usability testing will help to uncover and address issues with copy and users’ understanding of messaging.

Copywriting types

Our team has written quality copy for everything from brand social posts, to travel website destination pages, to healthcare books.

Types of copy services:

  • Copy audit / review
  • Research
  • Usability testing
  • Tone of Voice & Guidelines
  • Key Messaging
  • Page copywriting
  • Interaction copy (validation, error handling, tooltips)

Working with Friday has been a great experience. Their talent, experience & advice have been instrumental in taking MarramCo to market. We've had hugely positive feedback on our design and content and I'm looking forward to taking our partnership into the future."

James Jarvis, Founder & COO, Marram Co.

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