19 February 2016 - Graham Carroll

Introducing TDer

Have you ever longed to share a romantic cocktail with Enda Kenny? Let’s face it, we all have.

And what about that lifelong goal of taking Mary Lou for a round of Quasar, or that dream of bringing Gerry Adams for a Boojum?

Well now’s your chance to turn these fantasies into reality.

Introducing TDer – the website that lets you get up close and personal with the gorgeous men and women of Dail Eireann.

With all the serious talk about policies and coalition, we wanted to put out a piece on the election and have a bit of a laugh at the same time by marrying it with online dating. The idea was formulated on Monday so well done to the team for putting it together so quickly.

Jokes aside, please do exercise your vote on Friday the 26th. If you’re not sure who to vote for check out www.smartvote.ie to find the candidates that best suit you.