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The user-centric approach to mobile app design

The future of applications is online. Anything is possible online and the benefits of using mobile web and mobile apps technology are big.

Friday are highly experienced in designing and developing mobile websites and we have specialist experience in planning and designing mobile apps.

We help our clients from initial the initial discovery and strategy and concept stage to app testing and store launch.

Our user-centric process involves validating your concept before we proceed with the design which enables us to build and test your product. With a better understanding of how to execute your idea, you will know that it has a demand and value for your business.

Our process is centred around a lean methodology with a focus on full transparency and fast progress. We are fanatical about delivering quality and high service levels.

There are two main formats for delivering to mobile content and functionality:

  • Mobile web: a mobile website serves a mobile-friendly interface to provide the appropriate usability and functionality for viewing on smaller screens.
  • Mobile application: a mobile app is developed for specific mobile operating systems such as Android, iPhone. Mobile apps are downloaded to the users’ mobile device.

If you are developing a new website or an online application you must consider the benefits that a mobile web offering brings. Very often a mobile web application will deliver on all of your needs and has the advantage of working across all devices and platforms.


"In 2018, 66% of the world's population owns a smartphone (in Ireland it's 91%) and a whopping 73% of internet consumption flows through mobile devices."

Zenith Media's 'Mobile Advertising Forecast'

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