DoubleClick Studio Certification

Mary Collins9th June 2014 - Mary Collins

DoubleClick Studio Certification

Congratulations to me! I’ve recently joined the ranks of the DoubleClick Studio certified. Friday is now one of 6 Irish companies listed on DoubleClick’s list of certified partners, and I am one of 8 qualified developers to make the list.

To date I’ve completed the Core Flash Studio Certification, Youtube Masthead Certification, (one of our most requested formats), and the Dynamic creative certification, (update your banners on the fly without re-trafficking them).


I’ve been creating banners in DoubleClick for over 4 years, and DoubleClick is in my opinion, the best platform for building Rich Flash Banner ads. We’ve worked with Ireland’s top advertising agencies to create rich interactive banner experiences for their clients. From in-banner games, to dynamic video content, to the newest advertising formats, we’ve done it all.

To get an idea of the capabilities and advantages of building Rich media ads on the DoubleClick platform, check out the gallery, where an ad that we built is featured. Unfortunately, because we worked in with an advertising agency on that particular project, I can’t tell you which one it is. ;)

Flash banners are still our most request digital ad format, but HTML5 is starting to catch up. As mobile advertising market increases we’re on board with it.

While Doubleclick supports HTML5 formats, I have to admit that Celtra is my preferred platform for building HTML5 rich ads. They’ve really carved a niche for themselves in providing a quality platform for building rich ad experiences, providing ready built components and providing excellent support, so that we can focus on the design and functionality of the creative without having to code from scratch. A real life-saver when it comes to the digital advertising sector, where deadlines are tight, and updates need to be made quickly and on the fly.

As soon as they start giving out badges, I’ll be first in line to add them to my list.

Mary Collins
Mary Collins

With a background in design, Mary has morphed into one of our lead developers here at Friday, developing expertise in display advertising and motion graphics along the way. Basically - there's nothing she won't get stuck into given the chance.

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