Friday is a Certified Google Partner

Gavin Duff26th January 2016 - Gavin Duff

Friday is a Certified Google Partner

Friday Agency are proud to announce that we’re now a certified Google Partner.

What does this mean and why should I care? A Certified Partner is an agency that has met Google’s requirements to be considered “trusted online experts”.

We went through Google’s rigorous qualifying process, involving employee exams and best practice quality measures. The idea behind the Google Partnership program is to build a network of trusted companies that possess exceptional expertise with Google products and services.

Friday is certified in a number of areas: Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Video Advertising which represent the core of Google’s offering.


We are also certified in a range of rich media display and digital advertising disciplines that include features like video, animation, audio, and technology that encourages content interaction, data capture and engagement.

Specifically we have certifications in DoubleClick Studio, HTML5, QA, Dynamic Creative, YouTube Masthead and Google Web Design.

The benefit of the QA certification means that we are trusted to carry out our own QA within DoubleClick thus speeding up the publishing process.

DoubleClick certified agency in Dublin

Why be a Google Partner?

So we have all these badges, how does this affect our clients? Well it demonstrates our expertise in using Google’s products such as AdWords, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and DoubleClick.

These products are essential tools for successful digital marketing campaigns and having this expertise provides peace of mind to clients. Specifically you know that the agency is:

  1. Book Smart — Passing the exams requires in depth knowledge of the latest industry best practices as well as keeping on top of the latest technology and services available. You can trust that the agency knows exactly what tools and strategies are right for each project.
  2. Street Smart — Google examines the past performance of an agencies account before granting partner status. This means that a partner has a proven track record of running successful campaigns for their clients.
  3. Google Access — Agency’s maintain a direct relationship with Google and have access to the latest training and product update info. This means that the agency can provide clients with industry specific data that is ahead of the curve.

If you would like to discuss how an AdWords or Rich Media campaign (or anything else!) could help your business please get in touch.

Gavin Duff
Gavin Duff

For two decades, Gavin has defined effective digital marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, display, content, e-commerce, data analytics, conversion rate optimisation, and social media direction for businesses multinationally and across all sectors. He is also a known conference speaker, lecturer for Trinity College Dublin, podcast guest, media source, guest blogger and many other things in the area of digital marketing. He also holds a Dip. in Cyberpsychology, as well as AI and Machine Learning, and is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

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