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When User Experience and Digital Marketing are integrated, amazing things happen.

Friday's simple goal is to create experiences that work for your audience and your business.

Digital Marketing

We use data and research to inform your Digital Marketing activity across revenue-driven PPC, SEO and social media advertising.

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User Experience

We use research and User Experience design for better user journeys and improved conversion rates.

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Neuromarketing: The Emotions Behind The Data featured image
20th Dec 2021 -

Neuromarketing: The Emotions Behind The Data

Neuromarketing will become more accessible in time as datasets from earlier studies are utilised to develop tools that do not require the use of a lab or fMRI methodology.

It’s Time to Get Personal featured image
15th Oct 2021 -

It’s Time to Get Personal

It’s obvious that consumers are now concerned about data privacy. They are more aware of how their data is gathered, kept, and shared, and they want greater control. This has somehow been accomplished without actually fully informing consumers about the risks of having their data exposed or exploited, and yet they have mostly decided to […]