Richard Lawton11th June 2024Richard Lawton

What to expect from TikTok Shop when it arrives in Ireland

When will TikTok Shop arrive to Ireland? Smart Irish ecommerce businesses need understand it’s potential & be ready to take advantage.

Dave Jackson6th March 2023Dave Jackson

Friday wins Best in E-Commerce at the Spider Awards

It was a happy Friday for us at the Mansion house last week! Friday won the Best in E-Commerce Spider Award for their work and client collaboration with Folláin. 

Richard Lawton18th July 2022Richard Lawton

TikTok’s Irish user demographics tell you why Irish businesses need to be there

TikTok is a powerful marketing channel yet so few Irish Businesses are on it. We look at Irish user demographics on TikTok & who can benefit!

Richard Lawton23rd March 2021Richard Lawton

Protecting Facebook Marketing Performance From a Cookie Free Future & Apple’s iOS14

Privacy is here to stay! Let’s talk about how businesses can embrace it while also protecting your Facebook marketing performance from a cookie free future & Apple’s iOS14 privacy updates.

Richard Lawton28th January 2021Richard Lawton

Google Analytics 4: Featuring Next-Gen Machine Learning & Privacy Controls

Google Analytics 4 harnesses the power of next gen machine learning to help your business. It’s Google’s brand-new analytics experience. We look at it’s current strengths & weaknesses.

Dave Jackson20th February 2020Dave Jackson

Persuasive design: How to make shit happen

Being persuasive is one thing but how do we actually change behaviour and influence someone to do something.