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Category: Web Design

15th Jan 2016 -

Goodbye Internet Explorer: Browser Trends for 2016

Support for Internet Explorer is finally ending, this post looks at modern browser trends developments for 2016

7th Jan 2016 -

Designing websites mobile first for a better user experience

Designers need to start designing user experiences for how people consume websites today and not how they did it 5 years ago.

4th Aug 2015 -

eCommerce Platform Guide – 3 Open Source Options

An outline of three of the most popular e-commerce platforms with to help you make the correct choice when it comes to selling online.

3rd Jul 2015 -

How to give good feedback to your creative agency

Give good feedback: get results and build a strong relationship with your agency.

24th Mar 2015 -

Including your developer in the web design process

Collaborating with your web developer during the design process can impact the outcome of a project in a positive way.

12th Mar 2015 -

WordPress Websites: 10 things to do before going live

A checklist of ten items to tick off before launching a Wordpress site!