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Author: Jamie Geoghegan

2nd Aug 2016 -

5 e-Commerce UX Design Trends of 2016

UX design in the world of e-Commerce is forever changing, here’s a look at some of my current favourite e-commerce design trends.

20th May 2016 -

UX and Conversion Centric Design – Striking a Balance

You may have heard of user centric design but what about conversion centric design…

8th Feb 2016 -

UX – 10 things I hate about your website

Think carefully before employing UX features that you believe will enhance your site. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about the user.

Tips / UX
29th Oct 2015 -

7 Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing in 3D

3D microsite of hair-raising Halloween fun

25th Sep 2015 -

Smart examples of Mobile eCommerce user experience

It’s a great time to be a consumer – because it’s so important to get the customer experience right, we get to benefit from improvements in design, tech and UX.

3rd Jul 2015 -

How to give good feedback to your creative agency

Give good feedback: get results and build a strong relationship with your agency.