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Author: Graham Carroll

16th Jul 2015 -

5 Inspiring Resources for Free Photography

You’d be forgiven for thinking something that’s both free ‘and’ stock might not offer the best quality. Not so…

15th May 2015 -

Writing great content online

Great stories work well because they engage the minds of your audience and help to capture their imagination…

20th Apr 2015 -

Mixing a great Content Marketing Strategy

People often focus on the obvious part (creating it) and don’t realise there’s more to getting the mix right.

19th Dec 2014 -

Merry Christmas from the Friday Agency!

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Friday Agency. And best wishes for 2015. We’ve put together a little video with some of the highlights of our first year at the agency. We hope you like it. You can also check out our festive greeting and other videos on our page at Vimeo.

1st Dec 2014 -

Digital Marketing Trends in 2015

A look at the top digital trends we think will matter most in 2015

6th Oct 2014 -

Up for Best Agency at the Web Awards

Friday get the nod for Best Agency at upcoming Web Awards…