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Author: Graham Carroll

29th Nov 2016 -

User experience – when the experience is too much

Is our compulsive experience of using screens, and in particular smart phones, killing us?

10th Nov 2016 -

We’re shortlisted for 3 Awards at the 2016 eir Spiders

It’s a Happy Thursday here at Friday Agency! We just got news that we’ve been shortlisted for 3 awards at this year’s eir Spiders.

10th Oct 2016 -

Friday score hat-trick at the IIA Net Visionary Awards

We’re delighted to get recognition in 3 categories, especially against the calibre of nominees.” Dave Jackson, Director of User Experience.

19th Feb 2016 -

Introducing TDer

Ever longed to share a romantic cocktail with Enda Kenny? Here’s your chance.

4th Dec 2015 -

User Experience – Designing for Trust

We’re all users. And the user experience we have when we interact with products, devices and screens plays a vital role in their success.

21st Aug 2015 -

SEO – So you want to be number 1?

Number 1 on the first page of a Google Search – it’s what we’re all looking for in life really, isn’t it?