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Author: Dave Jackson

1st Jul 2016 -

10 ways UX designers can waste your time

Everything a designer does should be based around making the user experience fast. We look at how sometimes bad UX can waste your time.

22nd Mar 2016 -

How to Get a Design Job: 5 Essential Tips

Applying for a design or development job? We discuss 5 important tips for digital designers and developers to help with job applications

7th Jan 2016 -

Designing websites mobile first for a better user experience

Designers need to start designing user experiences for how people consume websites today and not how they did it 5 years ago.

16th Oct 2015 -

Win at the 2015 Web Awards

Our creation for DublinTown wins at the 2015 Web Awards, well done to Clyde, Daniel, Ann Marie, Gerry and everyone in DublinTown.

24th Sep 2015 -

Friday Agency Bags 12 Web Award Nominations

Proud to announce 12 of our nominations have made the final of the 2015 Web Awards

14th Aug 2015 -

Screen Resolution Explained

Wondering why your website might not look the same on different PC screens? Dave explains the mine field that is screen resolution.